History of Goll’s Bakery

 A Havre de Grace Tradition since 1930!

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Eugene and Elsa Goll arrived in Havre de Grace on their honeymoon weekend.  True to their German roots they wasted no time and opened their bakery that same week, on Dec. 1, 1930. While many businesses were folding at the beginning of the Great Depression, the Golls knew folks had to eat and drink.

Both Eugene and Elsa were from German baker families. They learned the bakery business from childhood and it was second nature to them both. They were confident if they had the right recipe of price, quality ingredients, and strong work ethics they would be a success.

Eugene and Elsa arrived  from Stuttgart, Germany, via Philadelphia at ages 18 and 17 respectively. They met and married in Philadelphia and the rest is history that Havre de Gracians love to tout. Eugene’s father and grandfather were bakers in Germany and the United States. Elisa’s parents also owned a bakery in Germany.

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The business was originally located at 110 North Washington Street (Karen’s) for the first ten years, then they moved to their current location at 234 North Washington Street. Before the Second World War the Golls provided a delivery service.

The Golls went on to raise four children Eugene, Robert, Richard, and Nancy. They purchased their shop space and made a home above the bakery. Living above the shop made it convenient for their 3 a.m. start times without loosing precious and valued family time.


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While three of their children moved on to careers outside of the bakery business, one son stayed behind to carry on their family legacy. Bobby Goll Sr. had the fire and passion to pass on something special that few families have these days. Through his passion and dedication the community has retained a regional gem. For over 80 years the citizens of the City of Havre de Grace are honored and humbled to tout him as their own foodie icon.






Today Goll’s Bakery use the same beautiful antique baking equipment and grand ovens purchased and used by Eugene and Elsa.





Bobby Sr. and his son Bobby Jr. and daughter Susie Goll, (who also worked in the bakery all their lives) are still working side-by-side, baking with the exact family recipes passed down from generation to generation.





A final tidbit of history.

There were five bakeries when the Golls came to town during the Great Depression. Goll’s Bakery was the only bakery still in business by the 1980s. I guess one could say they found the right recipe for success!

It is an honor no other business in down town Havre de Grace can claim. Four generations of a family business that has provided their cherished customers with their God given gift of German cuisine at its finest.  Their superb customer service and tasty treats have kept their faithful customers coming in for over 86 years.