Goll’s Bakery

Goll’s Bakery is a family-owned, old fashioned, German bakery and the city’s oldest family run business. The Goll family and their recipes, dating back four generations, have been a part of Havre de Grace and her waterfront since the early 1930s. Kids of the 30s now share the same memories and wonderful German bakery items with their great grandchildren!

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Well loved for their pies, pastries, donuts, tarts, cream puffs, eclairs, cookies, breakfast pastries, breads, and party platters, the staff are always more than happy to accommodate special requests.

Most locals know items are baked daily in the wee hours of the morning and they must arrive early in the day for the best selection of items.  Once a customer has decided on their favorites, they learn it is best to just place their orders in advance and arrive at their own pace.


234 North Washington Street           Havre de Grace                 Maryland